50 lbs Lipedema Weight Loss Update – Inches Lost Report

Hi Lip Ladies and Fashionistas!

As you know, losing weight when you have Lipedema is tough. I’m here to tell you that it is tough, but not impossible! Never give up ladies. I have remained fairly consistent over the last 2 years (yes, it took me 2 years to lose 50 lbs), but not perfect! Still, even with minimal consistency and sketchy compliance at times, the reason I am able to look back and see progress is consistency and persistence. An ex-boyfriend once told me, about a quote: “remain steadfast in your goal, but flexible in your approach.”

I promised myself at the beginning of my journey that I would no longer set a deadline that I was sure to miss. I wasn’t going to beat myself up any more. I refused to set the same goals I always set and then give up when they were too hard to reach. I would take baby steps and let me body adapt to a new lifestyle.

My first goal was walking 1 mile (round trip) to the gym, twice a week. I didn’t even have to go inside the gym. I just had to lace up my pretty new sneakers and get my butt out the door.

Before and after 50 lbs weight loss with Lipedema. The photo in the upper right corner is after about 25lbs – the half way mark. My goal is to lose a total of 100 lbs.

This new lifestyle has included compression wear, supplements, diet changes (less dairy and carbs), exercise, physical therapy, and tumescent lymph-sparing liposuction of my calves/ankles and arms. It took a team of doctors and therapists, and sheer determination to achieve this and keep getting back on the wagon every time I fell off.

If you take anything away from this, know that the first step is the biggest, set small attainable goals to get yourself started and feeling victorious, and most of all, never, ever, ever, give up!! The Lipedema race is not given to the swift….it’s given to those ladies who are determined not to take no, you can’t lose weight” for an answer.

So, here’s a recap of what 50 lbs of Lipedema weight loss equals in inches lost:

All together I have lost a total of 30 inches from my Bust, Waist, Hips, Arm, Thigh, Calf, and Neck combined!!

Highlight: Not surprisingly, the biggest loss came from my waist at 6.5 inches (43 to 36.5), and the least came from my upper arms at 2.5 inches (17.5 to 15, thanks Lipedema) despite having had liposuction take out about 1 liter of fat on top of the weight loss.

About Lipedema weight loss: Just to nail home the point about Lipedema fat being extremely stubborn, I have also lost only 3.5 inches from my thighs and nearly double that from my waist. I’ve lost 4.5 from my calves, but I had almost 4 liters of fat removed surgically. This has taken me 2 years to accomplish. Still, I will take it!

Tip: I love using Sparkpeople.com to track my measurements and weight loss. The old numbers always remain in your profile, and it’s easy to use.

WeightReport_crystalhoney01__10_27_2015 (1)_Page_1

You CAN do it! Just do it. Take baby steps. Now, lace up those sneakers, and go outside and play! If you are in a chair, then grab your dumbbells or a can of soup and start lifting! No excuses, and no pressure. The only person you are competing against is YOU.

4 thoughts on “50 lbs Lipedema Weight Loss Update – Inches Lost Report

  1. I’ve just read your blog about lipedema. So amazed at your progress. Very inspiring. I have stage 2 lipedema. I have an appt to have surgery with Dr. Amron in January for the liposuction of my thighs, calves and ankles.

    Are you happy with your results?
    Do you recommend dr. Amron?
    How long has it been since your surgery and did the lipedema come back?
    Do you have any advise to give me about the whole thing?

    Would love to get some answers to these questions. I’m really nervous about this whole process. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. And you look great!!

  2. HI Crystal, OH MY GOODNESS YOU LOOK GREAT. I’m going to Germany for my first two surgeries this November. EEEEPPPP. I’m stage one and have it legs, arms and belly. I’m wondering if you have any tips for preparing for the surgery for optimal results? Thank you, Emily 🙂

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