My Lipedema Supplements That Help Inflammation

Update! I found an easier way to get my recommended supplements in an easy delivery system in the morning, that doesn’t involve a ton of pills! Email me at to find out what I’m currently taking!


Hello Sexy Lip Ladies! I’ve been asked to share what my supplement regimen consists of. I figured I would go ahead and share this blog post so you all have it in writing. After my recent visit with Dr. Karen Herbst, she agreed that I was taking a good regimen and made a couple additions. These will help a lot with inflammation,  and help you to avoid the use of diuretics. Diuretics can be dangerous with long term use and make your Lipedema worse! I will be adding a couple more items not pictured in my happy pill smiley above!

Many of these items are herbal supplements that are available over the counter. Some will require a prescription, and of course you should discuss all of this with your doctor. These suggestions do not constitute medical advice, I am simply sharing what has helped me reduce inflammation and fluid from my lipedema / lipo-lymphedema. I have been diagnosed late stage 2, early stage 3. I have type III and type IV which means my legs are affected all the way to my ankles and my arms are also affected. I combine this regimen with healthy eating and exercise, like swimming and walking, as well as MLD massage, and I have seen some fluid and weight loss. Every little bit helps!

If you are attempting to start your own supplement regimen to reduce swelling, pain, and inflammation, I want to urge you to consider taking these with a meal and starting slowly with half doses to see how your body responds.

Here is what I take:
400 mcg selenium
940 milligrams butchers broom
200 milligrams horse chestnut
2 pills- Living Green liquid-gel multivitamin for women
Kaempferia Paviflora (thai ginseng) on order from amazon
Milk Thistle (85%) on order from Amazon
Ketoprofen 75 milligrams by mouth 4 times daily as needed for pain- prescription required!

Click here to visit my Amazon affiliate store where you can quickly find all the supplements listed here:
What supplements have helped you? How do you reduce your swelling?


4 thoughts on “My Lipedema Supplements That Help Inflammation

  1. Received two new supplements in the mail today! Dr. Herbst recommended I add these to my regimen. Milk Thistle 80% is anti inflammatory and shown to decrease formation of fat cells, and Kaempferia Paviflora decreases the size of large fat cells Breaking them down and shrinking them! Sounds promising!!! Got both on

  2. Kaempferia Paviflora (thai ginseng) — this is first I heard of this. What dosage do you take daily ? What are benefits of this ?

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