Lipedema Liposuction Surgery – Month 4 Recovery Update with Photos!

3 Months Post Op – Lipedema Liposuction of Arms (I can fit my favorite Anne Klein blazer!)

Hi Everyone!

Happy New Year, and I’m so glad so many of you have decided to join me and follow my story! I hope to bring you more fun and fashion tips this year! I know many of you are anxious to hear how I’m doing! Be sure to follow the blog and like LipLady Fab on Facebook!

3-4 Month Update!

Well, I finished physical therapy (complete decongestive therapy). I completed about 3 months worth following my surgery (Sept. 18th). My lymphedema therapist reports that I lost around 15 Liters of volume since I first began therapy prior to surgery! That is huge! What’s even more exciting is that since surgery my pain levels have decreased significantly, from about a consistent 4 or 5 on a good day (7 on a bad day), to a fairly consistent 2. I haven’t experienced any spontaneous bruising or significant amounts of pain upon applied pressure! no more shin splin tpain or plantar fasciitis pain! I previously required a wheelchair to walk and stand extended periods of time above 3 or 4 hours (like at Disneyland). I no longer need a wheelchair! With compression wrapping, I was able to go for about 9 hours straight at Disneyland over the holidays!

I am thrilled with my results. I have lost about 14 lbs since surgery with hardly any exercise. I’ve limited my eating to a degree with the help of prescribed Dextroamphetamine (Dr. Herbst). I’m fine with this drug for the time being and have not personally experienced any adverse side effects worth noting. With this start of the new year, I am rededicating myself to food preparation and a consistent exercise routine. My goal is to lose an additional 20 lbs of non-lippy fat prior to my 6 month follow up appointment with my surgeon, Dr. David Amron. I am also planning to appeal my CIGNA insurance decision to deny coverage. Ideally, I would like to pursue a second liposuction procedure to address the Stage III progression of my thigh area. I believe that some of the continued lymphatic impairment and edema I am experiencing in my calves is the result of slowed vessels in my thigh area. I have large lipomas that developed in my thighs around my knees, and these can only be removed through surgery.

All in all, I feel that this surgery with Dr. David Amron was worth every penny, as was my pilgrimage to visit Dr. Herbst. I am very pleased with Dr. Amron as a liposuction specialist and would highly recommend his services to anyone needing Lipedema treatment. As we all know, weight loss is an important factor to limiting the progression of Lipedema, but once the disease progresses, only surgical treatment through suction-assisted lipectomy can reverse the progression of Lipedema.

Here are some photos of me around the 3-4 month mark! Stay tuned for more updates, and some photos of my arms. Dr. Amron said it can take 6 months to a year to see final results. Be sure to follow me on instagram! I’m planning to get more photos for you all once I start my workouts!

Before and After Lipedema Liposuction with Dr. David Amron: (3 month update)

Lipedema Liposuction (Before and After - 3 months)
Lipedema Liposuction (Before and After – 3 months)

I was able to purchase my very FIRST pair of MID-CALF Boots! These are size 11 Wide Calf from Wet Seal Plus!


I’ve lost about 26lbs since January of last year! Supplements, Swimming, Decongestive Therapy, and Liposuction!

Feeling sexy!


Want more details on how I lost weight with Lipedema?

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  1. Hi, you look great! Would you mind sharing the cost of your surgery, and even how you financed it, if it’s not too personal? I’m specifically wondering if insurance covered any of it. Thanks!

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