Less Pain, More Yoga for Lipedema Ladies

On my vision board, I have this image of an athlete and the phrase, “less pain, more yoga.” It reminds me every time I look at it that there are types of fitness that can be less strenuous but super beneficial. Yoga (or just stretching) is definitely one of the helpful self care tools I’ve begun to incorporate into my routine.

When you’re a woman with Lipedema, you get to accept that the fit model look may not be achievable. However, I know for a fact that I do get to feel good and love on my body. I get to invest in what works for me, what brings me joy and helps me relieve stress. I love learning and trying yoga for all these reasons.

I feel there is a misconception that yoga is for lean, slim, stretchy, active vegetarians. That’s so not true! Just like meditation or breath work, even the most simple yoga techniques can help to reduce stress, improve flexibility, lower pain levels, increase blood flow and just activate those high vibes. Yoga is for every body type, curvy, plus-sized, and even us Lipedema and Lymphedema ladies.

Try this at home, grab a yoga mat like mine from Gaiam (or any of their super beautiful designs or a Yoga For Beginners Kit that also includes some digital workout tips). They also have a ton of other self-care and relaxation goodies.

Try Gaiam’s Yoga Mat Finder to pick out your perfect (mat)ch!

Add just a few minutes of stretching with simple beginner yoga moves like a Warrior II, Cobra, Cat, Downward Dog, a Seated Twist or others.

Don’t be discouraged if some of the more advanced yoga poses are hard for you, or the extra fat gets in the way a bit. Just be patient with yourself, do the ones that feel good and eventually your flexibility will increase. Your best bet is to take it slow. You can search youtube for simple yoga poses that are easy for just starting out.

I’m kind of obsessed with my gorgeous Gaiam mat so much that I reached out to partner with them and got the hook up for my readers with a promo code. Stay on the move for less with Gaiam. Get 25% off select Yoga Bags with coupon code “BAGSALE” at check out. Offer valid 4/8. I look forward to resuming a group yoga class, but I’m going to be ordering another mat that matches with the color scheme in my living room. It will give my apartment an extra touch of glam and I’ll be ready to drop into a plank or tree yoga pose at any moment throughout my work from home day.

A little goes a long way, so I like to just do some simple yoga poses for about 5-10 minutes as a part of my morning routine just to loosen up my muscles, breathing deeply and connecting with my heart and body before I start my day.

Hope this helps!

Ps. If you shop using my link or code above, I will receive a small percentage for sharing these affiliate links with you. Thanks for the continued support lovely ladies! Stay tuned or join the blog mailing list for more awesome self-care and fitness suggestions.

Gaiam Yoga

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