Making Lippy Friends Across the World and Why I Started Blogging About My Lipedema and Liposuction Journey! (stats update)

Hi Lip Ladies!

I had a great lunch with a few other Lip Ladies I admire this weekend in Santa Monica, CA. Years ago I never could have dreamed I would ever meet another woman like me. These ladies, like you all, are passionate about healing their bodies and taking control of their quality of life. It was nice to “talk shop” with others who understand the fight, and are a ways along in the journey. Three of us in the photo are post-lipo, and one is scheduled for surgery. All of us practice conservative therapy in similar ways, which is an essential part managing this disease. I truly enjoyed spending time with them, and encourage you to make Lippy Friends in your area (check out the Lipedema Sisters USA support group)!

(A few of my new Lip Lady friends!!! L to R: Briana Garrott, Emily Rubin, Crystal
(A few of my new Lip Lady friends!!!  L to R: Briana Garrott, Emily Rubin, Crystal “LipLadyFAB” Willis, Cheyenne Brinson)

I checked out’s statistics today and was humbled and impressed with you gals. So, when I started this blog it was for two main reasons.  I knew I wasn’t the only big legged woman who struggled finding the confidence and the clothing to feel good and look good. I also knew many women would come to find out about Lipedema, and they’d really want straight forward tips on how to make a dent in this disease. Since starting my journey and the blog, I’ve seen the unique visitors on my blog blossom like I didn’t expect. We get a few thousands of readers per month, and from over 40+ different countries!! That’s incredible, especially considering my editorial calendar of posting is spotty at best! I guess that is what happens when you follow your spirit and put yourself out there! I wasn’t planning on this becoming all that successful, but you ladies have me thinking about making this blog more full-time and bringing you even more cool content. (Side note – writers and business owners can feel free to contact me if you want to be a guest blogger or share info about a Lipedema related topic.)

I knew women would be interested to read about my liposuction surgery with Dr. David Amron, but I didn’t think they’d keep pouring in looking for information. I’m glad to be another smiling Lippy face to let them know there is hope. I was diagnosed by Dr. Karen Herbst with early Stage 3 Lipo-Lymphedema, and I’m here to tell you there is hope! My quality of life has improved dramatically once I got past the initial discouragement of my diagnosis and started getting support and going after these doctors for help.

It’s tough when you find out about this illness and hear that there is no cure. It’s even tougher living with it and not knowing what it is, why you’re in pain, and why you just can’t ever seem to find cute clothes like normal women. Without conservative treatment, this disease can progress rapidly, and with the depression that can come with that it’s hard for anyone to get a leg up.

So, my goal with this blog has been to share my story openly, and in doing so, build my own confidence – and ultimately inspire others to do the same. I saw a need, a problem that I felt like I could be the one to address by being one of the first to speak up about it.

I’m so grateful that so many women have checked out my blog. I just want to say thank you to all my followers and visitors! You all have inspired me to continue sharing my journey, and everyday you remind me that I am not alone. Suffering in physical and psychological pain from Lipedema for so many years without a diagnosis left me feeling isolated, like so many of you have told me you felt. Now, we have each other. statistics are proof of that!

We’re not alone! Having big legs doesn’t mean you have to hide! Comment, like, share, and spread the word. You could help another woman. Start your own blogs and chronicle your journey.  We’ll get the answers we need, the tips we need, and the support we need. Most of all, I want every Lipedema lady like me who has ever talked bad about her body or hated her legs to finally embrace her unique shape and beauty. I want us all to LOVE our legs and care for them, and know that it isn’t our fault, but we can do something about it.

So, today I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all my readers, and those who “share, comment, and like.” You are spreading the word and helping other women!

Also, I encourage you to check out Cheyenne’s blog to read more about her journey, and go to the FB support group to find other USA Lippy Ladies (or start your own local group!)

Cheyenne’s Lipedema Journey 

Lipedema Sisters USA Facebook Support Group


Crystal Willis aka #LIPLADYFAB


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