Watch The “Faces of Lipedema” Video by Dr. David Amron featuring Crystal Willis Blount aka Lip Lady FAB!

Hello my FABulous Lipedema Ladies!

Have you seen the new patient testimonial video that Dr. David Amron produced in honor of #LipedemaAwareness month? Please check it out and shine a #LightOnLipedema

I am honored to be one of his patients featured in the video. I am so grateful for Dr. David Amron and his care and expertise in treating me with tumescent liposuction. I’ve regained a ton of mobility back and have reduced my pain! The fight is not over, but I have a leg up now!

Dr. David Amron, renowned lipedema surgeon of Beverly Hills, Calif, brings to light the struggle of living with this often-misdiagnosed disease called lipedema. Join him and his patients as they take you through their emotional journey, from diagnosis to recovery, of living with lipedema and how Dr. Amron’s treatment changed their lives for the better. With June marking Lipedema Awareness Month, Dr. Amron and his patients hope to shine #LightOnLipedema and educate the public on this disease.

Here’s a photo from behind the scenes filming at Dr. Amron’s beautiful Beverly Hills home!

crystal willis blount lipedema amron interview
Crystal Willis being interviewed at Dr. David Amron’s home in Beverly Hills

For more info on Lipedema, please check out the health page of my blog!


  • Crystal Willis

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