Preparing for Lipedema Liposuction Surgery & Meeting Dr. Herbst and Dr. Amron

Meeting Dr. Karen Herbst!

Hello my lovely Lip Ladies!

I’m very excited because I just returned from my Pre-Operative check up with Dr. David Amron at Spalding Drive Plastic Surgery. He’s an excellent surgeon with 20 years experience in Liposuction, and I’ve spoken with several ladies with Lipedema who have had successful Lipedema liposuction surgeries with him. 

I arrived to a bustling office, and upon signing some paperwork for the anesthesia, I met with Dr. Amron’s care coordinator, Deanna. She is wonderful and spent a lot of time preparing me and getting paperwork together so I can attempt to submit for reimbursement with my insurance company, CIGNA. I then had some blood drawn for lab tests to check for standard things prior to surgery. Then, I got to meet with Dr. Amron and ask questions. He gave me prescriptions for an antibiotic and Norco painkiller for after the surgery. I am so excited and nervous to be taking the next step in this journey!

I’ve done all the conservative therapies, and I am so glad I did. I tried complete decongestive therapy (CDT) that incorporates wrapping/compression bandaging, MLD, and lessons on self care. My certified Lymphedema therapist is Val Hunter, PT, CLT from Providence St. Joseph Medical here in Burbank. I didn’t see much reduction in my pain levels, but my swelling has reduced some. I’ve been instructed to continue treating Lymphedema swelling before and for weeks after surgery with MLD – Manual Lymph Drainage massage. 

Also, I recently had my appointment with Dr. Karen Herbst at University of Arizona Medical Center! It was a seven hour drive and worth every minute and every penny! She is the EXPERT on rare fat disorders. She diagnosed me with late stage 2, early stage 3 Lipedema, and Lipo-Lymphedema. I have done so many things to lose weight over the years, but my legs and arms are still painful and stubborn fat remains. She recommended several dietary considerations, many of which I was aware of, and for me to continue conservative therapies to reduce my Lyphedema. Lipedema ladies need to lower or eliminate simple carbs, sugar, salt/sodium, and add Omega 3’s to their diet. I am doing all these and will ramp it up even moreso after my surgery. Dr Herbst provided a letter of medical necessity stating that Liposuction is the only method available to remove the stubborn and painful fat of lipedema, and prevent further vascular and joint damage. She also diagnosed me with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome type 3 – hypermobility. I’m so grateful to have met her and I will return for a 6 month check up. 

Here is a photo of my legs (before surgery). I have Type III and Type IV Lipedema (legs-butt to ankles, and arms) and I am in late stage 2, early stage 3. My mobility is affected. 

Lipedema (Lipo-Lymphedema) Late Stage 2/Early Stage 3
Lipedema (Lipo-Lymphedema) Late Stage 2/ Early Stage 3
Lipedema Arms
Lipedema Arms

My liposuction surgery to treat Lipedema is scheduled for Sept 11, 2014! My birthday is next week, and surgery the week after! Words can’t express how grateful I am to finally have some help and at the possibility of regaining my active and vibrant quality of life! This is going to be life-changing. I will keep you all posted on my healing, progress, and life with Lipedema!



11 thoughts on “Preparing for Lipedema Liposuction Surgery & Meeting Dr. Herbst and Dr. Amron

  1. Thank you for sharing your story. I lost over 150 lbs and although I’ve maintained a healthy weight for over 3 years, my legs remain sore and swollen and appear to have not gone done in size at all. I’ve always thought I was just unlucky with my weight loss but the more I research, the more I realize I have almost all symptoms of lipedema and will be going to a doctor about it soon. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

    1. Laura, thanks for your kind words! I’m glad you are finding some answers. If you can see Dr Herbst in Arizona, its worth every penny! Can’t stress that enough, she is the expert and will get you going in the right direction. I hope you’ve joined the Lipedema Sisters USA group on Facebook!

  2. How was it, dear??
    Please please please – share with us 🙂
    I’m thinking about this doctor as well, and I can’t wait to hear from you.
    Also – can you please share the costs for the whole surgeries?

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