My Oscar Week Gifting Lounge Swag Haul!

The 91st Academy Awards just wrapped up a big year! I was personally so excited to see all the amazing winners of color, like Spike Lee (finally!) Ruth Carter, Regina King, and Mahershala Ali. The highlight for me was Lady Gaga winning the Oscar for Best Original Song for the heartfelt “Shallow” from the movie, A Star is Born. I cry every time I hear that song!

So, a well-known fact about the award-season party circuit are the abundance of goodies doled out at exclusive gifting suites to celebrities. This year, I was privileged to be granted media access to two swanky, luxury gifting lounges. I felt like the celebrity, because the luxury brands on-site allowed me to sample and review their products. Here’s a quick run down of some of the incredible swag I scooped up for wellness, beauty, fashion and more:

TAO Social Media Rafi’s Gifting Lounge @ Waldorf Astoria

(Watch a Video Recap Here)

Fydelity Bags

This crazy sexy cool brand of bags and accessories was my first stop at Rafi’s Lounge because the retro cassette tape wallets and fanny packs were beautifully featured in an irresistible array of metallic colors. Their “Big A$$ Backpacks” were the stars of the show as the official gifting suite bags. I only feel bad for the talent escorts who had to lug around the gigantic backpacks full of Oscar gifting swag for their celebrity subjects. Shop just in time to get fitted for Coachella Festival season.

Source Naturals

I had to stop by the table to talk to the founder about their huge selection of all non-gmo natural supplements. From herbs to minerals, they handed out a generous gift box of supplement samples that included their Wellness Formula, Meltonin, CoQ10, Theracurmin, Vitamin D3 and so much more. I found a ton of great supplements to reduce inflammation in the body. As a Lipedema and Lymphedema sufferer, I can’t wait to try these!

Save The Girls

Are you as guilty as I am about putting your phone, keys, debit card (and whatever else will inconspicuously fit) into your bra? When I stopped to chat with the owner of Save The Girls bags, she informed me that storing my phone in my bra is putting me at risk for breast cancer! This is why she created her Save The Girls purse, to allow busy women like me to be able to store their phone in a fashionable small purse with a clear screen to still be able to respond to text messages without removing it. I carried my new STG purse out with me on Oscar Night, and I was so impressed with it’s ease of use and it went so beautifully with my gown.


The next generation of “clip on ties” is here. This futuristic and sleek brand allows for a simple slip-on-over-the-button neck tie that is easily interchangeable with their wide selection of styles. I definitely snagged one for my fiance, who works in insurance sales and has to look like a million bucks. He absolutely loved how easy it was to use, and as a gadget lover he immediately remarked on the “cool factor” of the interchangeable tie magnet. To see how it works, visit

GBK Luxury Lounge @ St. Supery Estate Winery on Rodeo Drive

(Watch a video recap here)

Bella Spirit by Chaz Dean/Wen

I could barely get my foot in the door of my house before I was ready to jump in the shower to test out the updated formula of Wen’s signature cleansing conditioner. Chaz Dean’s new formula, Bella Spirit, cleansed and deep conditioned my hair in minutes with no harsh sulfates and left my strands feeling like a virgin. As soft and natural as my hair feels right now, you wouldn’t be able to tell it’s been color and heat processed. I also scored their cool new lip scrub and sheer tint lip treatment, along with a full size of the Indigo Bella Spirit for reducing brassiness. Check out the full line of Chaz Dean products at

Lucky Soul

This new line of CBD health and wellness products has only been around about a year, but Lucky Soul features an extensive collection meant to naturally enhance your life with the power of hemp. From the organic hemp-infused alkaline water to the world’s first CBD Kinesiology Tape, the explosive growth of this company will be something to watch. The Lucky Soul line also includes everyday products like hemp-oil facial scrubs, muscle relief and candles.


I wondered for a moment if there was a subliminal message being sent by the “lunchbox” full of waxing products and a gift certificate that were provided by this cheeky brand. Perhaps, if I try the salon services or products I will become more edible to my mate? All jokes aside, I’m looking forward to a great pampering session with this salon, and running to book my appointment now. Can I mention how appropriate I think the inclusion of the little LunchboxWax Flask was for this gift lounge swag? Who doesn’t need to take the edge off before having your lady parts stripped bare by hot sticky wax?

AZN Labs

When I first stopped by this booth, I was doubtful the owner would be willing to offer up a bottle of their special serum made from red algae. The display and expensive packaging seems as though this anti-aging powerhouse liquid, AZN Afterglow Ampoule, belongs in the lobbies of high-priced Beverly Hills plastic surgeons. I’m told it’s the most potent topical anti-oxidant on the market and will give my skin a renewed glow. After day 2 of using this product, I’m pleased with how supple my skin looks and will keep giving it a go.


Omax premium nutraceuticals is an expansive line of CBD and Omega-3 infused health and wellness products. The brand promises that their pureness and potency can support joints, muscles, immunity, stress relief, cognition, even your sex life. I came home sore after a day of running around Beverly Hills and rubbed my knees down with their CBD Cryofreeze roll-on recovery and relief. At first I could feel the chill of the product’s topical ingredients, but did feel a sense of relief after the product absorbed. See Omax’s full line of products on their website.

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