Good Diets for Lipedema Ladies and Weight Loss


Good Diets for Lipedema Ladies Weight Loss

Written by Crystal Willisgarden background

Like most of you, every time a doctor has looked at my legs or my BMI since puberty, I’ve been told I needed to lose weight. This began years of yo-yo dieting and self-shaming. One good thing about a diagnosis of Lipedema is that you can be assured that your difficulty in losing weight and tendency to gain it very easily in the extremities is not entirely your fault! This can lift a bit of the shame and allow you to take the journey of healthy living more seriously.

While Lipedema does not itself mean that we are overweight, it does  mean that we must be extremely vigilant about controlling our weight because obesity worsens the condition exponentially. Also, once you metabolize and store lipedemic fat, it is extremely difficult to lose as the nature of the fat cells and areas we store it in are resistant to weight loss. So, in my journey to control my Lipedema and maintain a healthy weight I’ve come across some dietary suggestions for those with this condition. I’ve had some success with various low carb diets such as Atkins, South Beach, The Slow Carb Diet, and am looking forward to seeing results on the RAD Diet.

The adipose expert Dr. Karen Herbst developed and recommends the RAD Diet (rare adipose disorder) for those struggling with fat disorders like Lipedema. You can find out more information by visiting her website or check out a simple explanation on the Talk Lipoedema website: RAD DIET

Suggested Diets for weight loss and managing Lipedema include restriction of the following:

Simple Carbs and Sugars

Pasteurized Dairy products

Fatty Animal Proteins, Fats, and Red Meat

Salt Intake

So, what can you eat? If you’re looking to control Lipedema, stick to these food areas:

Liquid foods such as soups, stews, and protein shakes

Healthy proteins, lean meats, fish

Organic Fruits and Vegetables, especially those low in sugar

Whole, Low Glycemic, and complex carbs (use moderation)

For more in-depth information, check out the suggested sites:!the-rad-diet/cf3w 

Want more details on how I lost weight with Lipedema?

Learn how I got started loving my legs after I found out I had Lipedema. I share how I lost 45 lbs, my experience with liposuction and how I got insurance to reimburse me thousands in medical expenses!

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4 thoughts on “Good Diets for Lipedema Ladies and Weight Loss

  1. You are so spot on… it is surely a struggle for me as I am a foodie. Love good food! So glad that you are proactive and sharing your voice on Lipedema! Thank You!

  2. Lifelong quest for answers as my body grows. I love water sports but have given it up because of my hippodemic legs. During my wellness checkups the docs skirts talking about my weight and I saw where she put down that I was morbidly obese due to over eating. Not the case, ya I may have a 3rd piece of homemade pizza or a ice cream on rare occasions. I am a light eater generally. But, I have gained an average of 1/3″ a year since puberty… At first being a 16 year old with 36 24 36 figure is now 40 38 52 but most of it is my legs. The last 15 years I have held off going over the 200lb mark, I watch my diet, I do what I can to keep stress and inflammation down. I tend to also have iron overload that heightens my food sensitivities to aspartic and glutamic acids such as msg so I do not eat processed ingredients. So. here I am. thanks for the article.

    1. So glad you liked it and reached out! We just gotta do the best we can to maintain our weight, but its a struggle. But yeah, that Doctor doesn’t know her stuff! I had to bring printed out material to educate my doctor!

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