Lipedema Patient Shares Her Story on National TV! Lipedema Awareness Month


  Lipedema with Dermatologist Dr. David Amron

Dermatological surgeon and liposuction specialist Dr. David Amron educates us on a little-known condition called Lipedema, which is the disproportionate swelling of tissues in the legs, calves, legs, ankles, and thighs. He explains how a very precise and complicated liposuction procedure can cure sufferers. Lipedema patient Jasna Tursic shares her personal journey with the diagnosis.
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I can’t think of a better way to end Lipedema Awareness month than a national cable TV show, Home & Family on the Hallmark Channel, airing a segment on Lipedema, Liposuction surgery, and the way it’s changed the life of my friend, Jasna Tursic!! She is sharing her story every chance she gets in order to spread the word about this illness and her personal experience with Beverly Hills surgeon Dr. David Amron. With our effort to spread awareness, we are beginning to really impact the medical community, and I am so happy that we found a highly skilled doctor in the US who also happens to have many connections to the industry and can help to increase awareness. I’m looking forward to being treated by Dr. Amron myself in the near future, and I encourage everyone to check out the episode segment when it becomes available on Hallmark Channel and Youtube!

I will admit, I do have my reservations. I have had my concerns about Dr. David Amron using clever marketing and his website to portray himself as a “leading expert” on Lipedema treatment. He has known about the condition for a few years, and he has promoted the idea that he is against clever marketing tactics. However, I have spoken with him personally and undergone a consulation, and have several friends from the support group including Jasna who have already undergone procedures with him. Many come to Dr. Amron for revision surgeries for procedures gone wrong. So, while the whole thing might have a slight smell of “marketing ploy,” I do feel confident in Dr. Amron’s skills as a surgeon, I have seen how he changed Jasna’s life, I can see he is interested in learning and helping, and more than anything, I am so grateful that we have someone in our community who now has the connections to spread the word about this illness! I hope he can be someone Lipedema Ladies can trust to continue to work to tailor the best treatment and to spread the word within the medical community as well that we need help.

We’ve got a long way to go in order to educate everyone about this condition, including primary doctors, insurance companies, family members, employers, etc. and we need all the help we can get. Every time one of us shares our story and uses our voice to help educate others, we come one step closer to a medically recognized treatment plan and we could seriously impact the lives of one or many women suffering from this painful fat syndrome called Lipedema!

**NOTE: Before considering any surgery or cosmetic procedure, please always consider your options and do your research. We are grateful to have many surgeons in the US taking an interest in helping those of us with Lipedema, but it is still a complicated procedure that carries risks. Talk to you doctor and your specialists, and don’t forget to pursue conservative therapies like MLD massage, compression, wrapping, and a healthy diet and exercise.

For more info on Lipedema, read this article: Why Are My Legs So Fat? You Might Actually Have Lipedema!

For a support group visit:

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