I’m Kissing Self-Beat Up Good-bye for Lipedema Awareness Month!!

Okay, Lip Ladies! June is here, so most of you know what that means: it’s Lipedema Awareness Month!

I’ve got a confession to make, girls. I’ve been beating myself up EVERYDAY for not blogging more and really getting this site going. I’ve also been beating myself up for not being the most compliant Lipedema patient. This has got to stop!

I intend to use June as my opportunity to release the self-beat up about my fat legs and my blog in more ways than one. It’s now my intention to spread the message of body positivity throughout the world as I share about Lipedema!

So, just to get it off my chest, here’s what I’d like to take full responsibility for and not beat myself up about anymore. I hereby release and take full accountability for the following:

  • Not having a regular editorial calendar to encourage me to post regularly
  • Not responding to your comments and messages, especially on Facebook in a more timely manner
  • Not practicing what I preach more consistently, eating well, exercise, supplements, wearing compression, ALL of that good stuff. 
  • Not reaching out to those awesome ladies who’ve agreed to support my blog with a guest blog article. I’ve been all talk for the most part, up until now!
  • Not sticking to my live video challenge I set out to do last month. 
  • For coming across like I’ve got this self-esteem thing down, when the truth is I don’t! I still struggle with the psychological and physical impact of this disease just like all of you, and trust me, I struggle with it REGULARLY. I get to be more open, honest, and vulnerable with you. I get to treat this blog like a journal, and release the need for perfection. 
  • Not having it all figured out, knowing all the right instructions to give or doctors to point you to. 
  • Not being able to fix Lipedema, just manage it. I’ve come to accept it now as a beautiful imperfect part of who I am. 
  • Not blogging about the FDRS Lipedema and Dercums conference right away after I went, because I got so much value and built real relationships from it! I’m going to change that STAT!

Isn’t it crazy how we beat ourselves up so much and hold onto what we didn’t get done yesterday? Please tell me I’m not the only one who struggles in a pattern of self-beat up! Do any of you ladies bottle up the self-beat up like crazy too? 

Reality is, it’s pretty awesome that I share about my Lipedema so publicly. It’s awesome that I’ve found a way to view my body as beautiful, and that I use this tool to share my journey with you. I’m doing it! Even if it’s not the most consistent blog on the internet, it matters. I still get over 4,000 viewers a month from over 70 countries around the globe! That’s big and growing bigger!

Let’s release it! I want to give a BIG shout out to my life coach and friend Amber Valdez, the Life Purpose Cheerleader (www.lifepurposecheerleader.com) She has been transformational in my life, guiding me back to a place of self-worth and life purpose after my divorce and quitting my job. It was her idea for me to write this blog post, and I think it’s the perfect way to kick off Lipedema Awareness month.

I’m so committed to giving this blog and this healthy Lipedema lifestyle my best. Really, giving it our best is all we can do, and hey, it’s more than enough!

So, let’s sound off ladies. Let’s give Lipedema Awareness month and our self-beat up patterns a good swift kick in the butt! Let’s share with the world one, two, or even three things we are committing to not beat ourselves up about anymore! Will you share in the comments what you’ve been in self-beat up about, and maybe how I can support you on this sisterhood journey and with the blog?

I’m coming up with plans for Lipedema month now, but I want to hear your feedback if you want to see something, get fresh ideas, want me to interview someone or write about a special topic. Sound off in the comments below!

Lastly, the best gift you could give me this Lipedema month is to engage with me here and on Facebook and Instagram; Share, comment, like, repost…whatever floats your boat. The shares help a lot with spreading the word about Lipedema and our body positive message. They also let me know you care, are watching, and you support what I’m creating here.

All my love and support to each of you! Please reach out to me directly at lipladyfab@gmail.com if you have ideas, concerns, or questions!

So, what are you ready to release in order to get off the self-beat up train?

One thought on “I’m Kissing Self-Beat Up Good-bye for Lipedema Awareness Month!!

  1. I was in a place where I ‘wanted’ to write my client booklet for months, but couldn’t get started. Writers block sucked. The other side of it is actually getting a process going and having a to do list and checking stuff off, being productive, and then collapsing exhausted at the end of the day.

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