Lipedema Lady’s Top 3 Mental Keys to Weight Loss Success in 2017 

Hi Gorgeous Lipedema ladies!

2017 is fast approaching, and if you haven’t already it’s time to set some new fitness goals! I know some of you are thinking that you don’t even want to set yourself up for failure. Believe me, I get it.  I’ve done every fad diet, and gained it all back. I finally decided one day I would put down the diet pills, roll up my sleeves, and do it the old fashioned way. With patience, time, and consistent effort, I was able to succeed. In two years, I lost over 40 lbs with liposuction surgery, physical therapy, fitness and healthy eating.

However, when I began to set goals I found myself overwhelmed and off the wagon so quickly, it would send me into a depression. I finally took my counselors advice and started setting small goals I could reach. My initial goals were so small you’d think they’d never make a difference.  Losing weight is really difficult with Lipedema, let’s not make it harder! Give my three simple keys to succeeding at fitness goals a try this month and let me know how you do!

Lip Lady FAB’S Top Three Keys to Succeeding At Fitness Goals and Motivating Yourself to Get Going

  1. Set Easily Attainable Goals (Based on Behaviors not Results): You don’t go from couch potato to a Triathlon winner overnight. Have an honest talk with yourself to evaluate what steps you’ve been taking towards staying fit, and examine your results. Are you bummed because you stopped going to the gym three months ago? Did you let go of that good habit of no soda and sugary drinks? Breathe! It’s okay! We just have to start somewhere planting seeds and nurturing our goals. The key here is that every little bit counts, but we have to trick our minds into believing we can do it! That said, set small, super attainable fitness goals to prove to yourself you indeed can do it.  Focus on setting goals for daily or weekly activities, and let the results gradually speak for themselves. I may not lose 20 pounds in 20 days, but I could certainly manage to workout for 20 minutes twice per week. This feeling of actually doing what you set out to do will give you enormous momentum and confidence to help boost your motivation in the early stages of being back on the wagon. My first fitness goal when I admitted I wasn’t working out at all, was to walk to and from the gym at least two days per week. I didn’t even have to go inside, and it was one mile round-trip. Before I knew it, I was patting myself on the back and going inside the gym to add another 15 minutes on top of that. Two years later, I’ve kept off that 40 lbs and I am back working out a solid 4 days per week.
  2. Forgive yourself for yesterday and accept today’s challenge: Listen, we all screw up. I’ve fallen off the wagon countless times, even this past year, as I was dealing with a divorce, a move, and job loss. But sitting there feeling sorry for yourself, AND beating yourself up, is like being the sad little kid and the mean parent punishing them at the same time. Just stop it. Say to yourself, I forgive myself for not taking the best care of my body. I went through a challenging time and now I am taking control of my happiness and my health. Wipe your own personal slate clean. Even if you’re eating a BIG Mac  while you read this blog post, you can lift off one slice of cheese, or make dinner a salad and drink more water. What’s done is done, and all that matters is that you are your best cheerleader, not critic. Take each moment as a “Present” and leave the past in the past.
  3. Be 80%Consistent with your eating plan, and have 20% fun with food! Allow yourself to eat real, good food! Do you find yourself binging after a low carb hell of a diet, or running through a drive thru for a McFlurry?! Wait! You don’t have to deprive yourself of your favorite foods. Look for healthy alternatives, or find a healthier way to cook your favorite dish. Love carbs and sweets? Okay, budget them into a calorie count for the day, or limit your carbs only after breakfast. Find a way to do your eating 100% healthier, 80% of the time. When I lost my weight, I counted calories, skipped counting carbs, and just passed on them as often as I could stand to. I let myself have the burger, but not the fries. Or, if I really wanted fries, I’d skip the bun. Just remember, live a little, cook more, go for great ingredients, meal prep, count calories…whatever you’ve got to do. Take it one step at a time. Perhaps you could try focusing on being 80% consistent at just one new eating habit this week (keep it attainable!) If your friend has a birthday dinner coming at a restaurant, that’s okay! Plan for that cheat meal and be good the rest of the day or that week.

So, there are my top three keys to winning at your fitness goals, or any goals for that matter. Keep it real and attainable, stay ready to forgive yourself for messing up, but strive to be 80% consistent and patient with results.

Let me know how these tips help you accomplish a new goal in this next week or two. I’d also love to hear your tips and  success stories for mentally motivating yourself to win, so leave a comment or share on your socials!



9 thoughts on “Lipedema Lady’s Top 3 Mental Keys to Weight Loss Success in 2017 

  1. Love your site! Last year I lost 80lbs with lipedema it was a miracle! Your advise about forgiving yourself and reapplying yourself everyday to personal goals was key for me. I used a very low carb diet with no wheat products ever daily yoga or walk plus weekly swimming. I also used infared sauna and red light therapy bed which greatly reduced my lipo-lymphadema pain and swelling. My legs are still too big for my body but after losing 80lbs I’m so happy I can’t complain it’s just lipedema! Blessings in your journey doll!

  2. Thank you for speaking so freely about lymphedema and we should love our body. This is kinda new to me but I’m adjusting especially as it relates to what to wear during the summer. I’m use to wearing dresses/Capri pants. Now all I wear is maxi dresses/skirts/pants. I just learned about Palazzo pants. I’m not curvy! I have an “Apple” body shape. Please continue to encourage us and God bless you

    1. Brenda I’m sure you’re just as beautiful on the outside as I can tell you are on the inside. Embrace your beautiful body and wear whatever makes you feel fun and free. I love maxi dresses and skirts! There is definitely a certain amount of “screw it I’m not giving a crap” about others opinions that goes into body positivity (like when I go swimming) but a much bigger dose of I give a crap about me feeling and looking pretty, being healthy and put together for myself. Just keep loving yourself the best you know how. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Hi I was diagnosed in november last year, which was a relief because finally someone believed me that there must be something wrong… but since then I have given up thinking what is the point…
    I have just read your post and you have inspired me to find my mojo again thank you

  4. Hi I am 50 and just found out that what I have been struggling with has a name. I have been called every name in the book for a Fat person. My arms and thighs are huge, people stare at me. Clothes are limited to tstyles because of the pear-shaped body and skin overlapping in so many areas. My husband is now ashamed of my arms and keeps reminding me to cover it. Don’t know where to go from here. Thanks for the encouragement.

    1. Hi Sherita! Wow, I wish I’d have been able to find out what the issue was a lot sooner too. I was 27 when I got the answers I needed, and I broke down and cried. Taking better care of my legs and body has bought me some time with the progression but we gotta keep at it best we can. That’s the exact reason I wanted to start this blog, to raise awareness and help women like yourself know that they are beautiful. I’m glad it encouraged you, and remember, beauty and sexiness is a state of mind. Hi Haters!! Enjoy the view because I’m going to enjoy myself anyway.

      I think my book would be a great place to start to get a little more guidance and encouragement. You can find it on

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