How Are You Celebrating Lipedema Awareness Month? Get Social With Lip Lady FAB and WIN FREE Benefit Cosmetics!

Hello My Gorgeous Lip Ladies!

I couldn’t wait to share that I had the FABulous pleasure (how do you like those wordsmith skills?!) of filming an on-camera interview today for a Lipedema Awareness project coming soon from Dr. David Amron, my amazing surgeon! He has truly helped my Lipedema, and tumescent liposuction with him has given me back my mobility and reduced my pain! More about that coming, but here’s a behind the scenes picture from today:

crystal willis blount lipedema amron interview

Since we’re talking about the fact that JUNE is Lipedema Awareness Month, I had a crazy idea I wanted to share with you! Yeah, I get a lot of those! But, I hope you don’t mind me sharing!

I’m so grateful that so many women, even some of my readers, made a serious effort to spread awareness about this disease in the last few years, which helped me find the treatment I needed! It’s so important that we get this word out there to help other women find a diagnosis, and help those doctors and insurance companies know that we are going to speak up for ourselves!

Let’s pay that effort forward, and get social with a fun Lip Lady Fashion and Beauty SOCIAL TAKEOVER on JUNE 15!

On June 15th, let’s all post a “FUN”, “FABulous”, or “FIT” picture showing how we embrace our Lipedema on our socials (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook) with the hashtags #LipedemaAwareness and #LipLadyFAB! Your photo could be of you in your favorite maxi dress, your latest pedicure or hair cut, or maybe a photo of you after a great work out! This will be a fun way to get social with each other, embrace our beautiful shapes, build confidence, and spread the word while doing it! Here’s an example of a simple selfie…but you can get WAY more creative than this! I took this FAB selfie while preparing to film the interview on Lipedema at Dr. Amron’s house!  Do you notice that my eyelashes were, as some young ones might say, “on fleek!” These lashes are amazing, and I’m wearing my new favorite mascara, Benefit Cosmetics “They’re Real!”

Crystal willis blount lipedema awareness 1

In fact, I love it so much (plus I know some of you ladies may need a little nudge) so I’m going to select my favorite, or the most creative, and send you a FREE GIFT! All you have to do is post your “FUN”, “FABulous”, or “FIT” picture showing how YOU embrace your Lipedema on your socials June 15 (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook), use the hashtags #LipedemaAwareness and #LipLadyFAB, and lastly be sure to LIKE our Facebook page!

Seriously, my latest obsession is Benefit Cosmetics “They’re Real!” Mascara! When I tell you this mascara is INCREDIBLE…. Your lashes will be so long and full of volume, or as I like to say, you will have lashes for dayyyyyyys girl friend!

So, in honor of our LIP LADY FAB Lipedema Awareness Social Takeover, the lucky social diva will win Benefit’s “Real Tempting Threesome!” (a $34 value!) Check it out:



  • Full size They’re Real Liner (0.04 oz.)
  • Mini They’re Real Mascara (0.1 oz.)
  • Mini They’re Real Remover (0.25 oz.)

Are some of you wondering why June 15? Well, picking a single day will allow us to have a much BIGGER impact on the social world if we all do this on the same day! We could even spark a trend! So start thinking now about what makes you feel fashionable, fun, beautiful, or healthy, and share your best pictures on June 15! You know, I post plenty of selfies (yes, I’m a #selfieaddict! LOL) so you won’t be surprised to see mine!

Let’s Get Social!

What are some other ways you’ve tried to spread awareness about Lipedema to your family, friends, and doctors? Share in the comments, and SHARE this blog post so we can spread the word about the LIP LADY FAB #LipedemaAwareness Social Takeover!


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