Watch ‘Living with Lymphedema and Lipedema’ on The Doctors TV Today!

My dearest Lippy Ladies and the ones who love them,

This is a monumental day for Lipedema and Lymphedema Awareness! I want to give a big thank you and shout out to my fellow Lipedema Sister, Sarah Bramblette, who is spreading the word about these conditions and fighting for adequate health care for women across the nation. Today Sarah’s story will air on The Doctors TV show, so be sure to check your local listings and tune in or set your DVRs! We want the world to know we are watching!

See Sarah on The Doctors TV show, October 14, 2014! You can also read and watch her story here:

Living With Lymphedema and Lipedema  


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You can visit Sarah’s Blog here!


2 thoughts on “Watch ‘Living with Lymphedema and Lipedema’ on The Doctors TV Today!

  1. I feel liberated ! I can not believe there is a name & a support group of people like me! Now for a cure. I’m so tired of the years of embarrassment .
    I have inherited this condition. My daughter is 16 and I already see signs of it about to ruin her self esteem too. .
    Seeing her cry like I did , working out daily at the gym, changing all her eating habits , never seeing any results, wanting to starve herself, just breaks my heart. My other daughter shows no signs tall and thin all over.
    I have depression issues and I see my daughter developing a problem too.
    I have deformities that no Dr. Would help me with. I have a lipomas and one very large one in particular that looks completely like a third buttocks. I am embarressed and hate bathing suit season & love to swim. So upsetting. Clothes are a problem fitting right.
    I have “back boobs” too.
    I want help so very badly . Tired of the comments from other rude people, and looks they give me, even the Dr.sakes me so uncomfortable . Want to help my other family members too.
    I am experiencing pain too.
    Please help me.😥

    1. Hi Cahr! Thanks for reaching out! Please be sure to visit any of the other blogs linked in my blog roll, and also find the Lipedema Sisters USA group on Facebook! You’ll find a ton of support there, and get lots of info. The great thing is now there is a ton of info available to us online to get us pointed in the right direction! I definitely know the pain, both physical, and psychological.

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