Lip Lady Fab’s 5 Step Guide to Loving Your Legs After a Lipedema Diagnosis Coming July 17! (Pre-Order the E-book Now!)

Discovering I had Lipedema was heartbreaking and depressing at first, especially when I realized the treatments can only do so much, that all these years I’d thought it was my fault, and that the work was just beginning if I want to take back my mobility and my joy. I committed myself to living an active life and overcoming the fear and shame of having big legs. I also committed to sharing my journey through my blog, and now, my first ever e-book! 

I’ll be releasing my first-ever digital e-book, titled “Lip Lady Fab’s 5 Step Guide to Loving Your Legs After a Lipedema Diagnosis!” The downloadable e-book will be released to the public on July 17, 2017, however you can pre-order the book now at 15% off the retail price, AND download it a day before the general public!


The Top 10 Fitness Tips For Lipedema Weight Loss

Despite the fact that Lipedema fat doesn’t respond to traditional weight loss methods, it is possible to achieve better fitness level and lose some weight in the process.  Those suffering from Lipedema can control their symptoms, manage inflammation, and lose some weight in the process.  Dieting and exercise helps to control and manage the progression of Lipedema, so weight management is critical to keeping the disease in check.  Of course, tumescent liposuction is the best treatment for painful Lipedema fat removal, but what if surgery is not an option for you at the moment?  This article will go through the ten best Fitness Tips to Lose Weight with Lipedema, as well as pain management tips to help you get started toward a healthier, more active life!


American Health Journal Lipedema Segment Features Crystal Blount and Dr. Davin Amron

Thank you Dr. David Amron for a successful first surgery and the increased mobility and decreased pain. Thank you American Health Journal for giving a voice to my struggle and that of so many women. #lipedema #americanhealthjournal #pbs #medical #liposuction American Health Journal on Lipedema ft. Crystal Blount and Dr. DAVID AMRON


Why are my legs so fat? You might actually have Lipedema!

  Why Are My Legs So Fat? You May Actually Have Lipedema! Written by Crystal Willis Do you feel embarrassed by your “thunder thighs” or “cankles”? You’re not alone. But, it might be more than just a need to lose a few pounds. Answer some of the questions below to determine if you might be… Continue reading Why are my legs so fat? You might actually have Lipedema!


About Lipedema

For many women, they aren’t just “cankles”. Here’s info about the condition so you can educate yourself and others. What is Lipoedema? Lipoedema (spelled Lipedema in the US) is a chronic, progredient disorder that affects almost exclusively women and is characterized by bilateral, symmetrical abnormal fatty tissue accummulation mainly in the hip region and upper… Continue reading About Lipedema