Why Are My Legs So Fat? The Top 5 Lipedema Websites

Written By: Asmaa Hammad, Guest Contributor


Lipedema is a fat disorder, distributed in an irregular way beneath the skin, which affects the hips and the legs, but usually the feet are spared. In the later stages, lipedema affects the upper arms and can lead to immobility and secondary lymphedema. When one gets a diagnosis, they may feel angry, depressed, or isolated. However, there are resources online as well as support groups to learn about managing and controlling lipedema.

Here are LipLadyFAB.com’s Top 5 websites for Lip Ladies to find more health information and support.

1) www.lipomadoc.org The Official Website of Dr. Karen Herbst, The Leading Fat Disorder Specialist

Dr. Karen Herbst is an adipose tissue disorder specialist. She is an endocrinologist by training. She was a guest on the Doctors TV show discussing Rare Adipose Disorders, such as Lipedema. Her website is a wealth of information. She discusses lipedema and her theories on what causes it as well as thorough explanations and suggestions on how to manage lipedema as well as the benefits of tumescent liposuction.

2) www.lipedema-simplified.org / www.lipedemaproject.org

Founded by Dr. Catherine Seo, who is a media psychologist and lead researcher on lipedema. Her websites contain information on lipedema, diets, supplements, and emerging research on lipedema. She also has an article on weight bias in the media and how that affects medical doctors when misdiagnosing lipedema patients, since they may dismiss it as obesity. Catherine’s website is fantastic for finding Lipedema research articles that you can present and discuss with your doctor.

A few weeks ago, I had a conversation with Dr. Catherine Seo, the founder of the lipedemaproject.org. She told me that lipedema is now making a name in the medical community, so there is hope. She is also doing a continuing education course for medical professionals on lipedema and now there is a documentary called ‘The Disease They Call Fat.’ Lipedema awareness is spreading and making its way throughout the medical community.

3) www.fatdisorders.org Fat Disorders Research Society

The Fat Disorders website gives a detailed description of lipedema as well as symptoms and descriptions of each stage of lipedema. It also differentiates between lipedema and lymphedema, how to diagnose and treat the condition, as well as additional resources to get more information on lipedema and the lymphatic system. Be sure to check out details on the FDRS Living With Lipedema and Dealing With Dercums Disease Conference taking place this spring in St. Louis, MO.

4) www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov National Institute of Health National Library of Medicine

The National Institute of Health’s Library of Medicine is one of the leading libraries of medical research articles. In one article, doctors present a case report on a 60 year old woman who suspected that she had stomach cancer. She had a history of edema and weight gain, despite a strict dietary regimen. Lymphatic drainage as well as dietary modifications and aerobic exercise were implemented on this patient. With these changes, the patient reported decrease on the swelling of her legs as well as pain. This article also discusses the benefits of liposuction, which includes removal of all diseased fat and increased mobility. There are tons of useful articles on the NIH website when you do a bit of searching.

5) Facebook.com – Lipedema Education Group

Lipedema Education is a private support group on Facebook for Lipedema sufferers to share stories, frustrations, anger, as well as advice as to what methods work to control their lipedema. The group shares information about upcoming conferences, like the Fat Disorders Research Society Conference as well as giving the lipedema community hope for those suffering with this condition. It’s great to have support groups like this and the Lipedema Sisters USA private group to ask questions and share information. Just be sure to talk with your doctor first and do your research before taking any medical advice from friends on Facebook.

We genuinely hope these resources help you find treatment and information on Lipedema.

What other sites and blogs have you found helpful? Share with everyone in the comments, and be sure to spread the word!!


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