LipLady FAB Approves: “Chic & Curvy” Offers Sexy Plus-Size Fashions! Yes Honey!

Check this out Sexy Lip Ladies!

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Remember I told you that “Sexy” is a state of mind? Well, it sure is, but you’ve got to get out of those baggy clothes girls!! Get out of boring black and try some color! EMBRACE THAT WAIST, and work those curves honey! I stumbled on this super trendy plus-sized boutique called Chic & Curvy Fashions! They have some great knee-length and floor length dresses, jumpsuits, tops, and more that are incredible sexy and will accentuate that waist!

These styles seem too risky for some of you, and that is okay. These are younger, trendy fashions that might not be your thing. However, I promise you that if you fall between the sizes of 10-20, and are looking for a dress or outfit that will KNOCK HIS SOCKS OFF, stop traffic, or for a special occasion, then look no further! A little lump or bump here or there is no reason to hide ladies, because there is an entire POPULATION of men that love and embrace your cushion and curves! They LOVE it!  Plus, many of us already have compression garments that really double as shapewear! So you can wear your garments, or go grab a pair of shapers or Spanx!

The prices range from about $35 – $75, so everything is super affordable. I was looking for something to slip into when I go to the clubs in Las Vegas, and I think I found it!  I can’t wait to get down to their LA-based Inglewood, CA storefront. Check out just a few of the selections available on the store’s website:

Here is a very classy and sexy knee-length dress. I’m loving this mustard color, and it will look good on any skin tone. This is best if you’re calves and ankles aren’t affected. I couldn’t really pull this one off, but I know some of you could!!

BodyCon Dress with Faux-Leather Layered Sleeve and Ruched Sides in Mustard (1X-3X)

If you’re a sexy Lip Lady with an ankle-cuff like myself, you may have a phobia about showing off those ankles. If that’s so, aim for a long dress in a maxi style, that will hug your hips and waist, but wont leave your ankles (or arms) in full-view. Accentuate the positive, and camouflage the less-positive!

New Plus Size Long Wrap Dress With Tie (1X-3X)
New Plus Size Long Wrap Dress With Tie (1X-3X)

If you really want to give them something to talk about, try a mermaid style in a bold color like royal blue! Va-va-voom! Make sure you have some high-waist undergarments, like a Spanx high-waist capri to smooth out those waist and hips (plus, wearing an undergarment helps you be sure nothing is see-through). That’s the only precaution you need to take when showing off those curves. Look at this beautiful mermaid style! Chic & Curvy has a lot of other options.

BodyCon Deep Scoop Neck Mermaid Dress in Royal Blue (1X-3X)
BodyCon Deep Scoop Neck Mermaid Dress in Royal Blue (1X-3X)

Spring and summer are coming, and we want to have a few beautiful and casual printed maxi dresses in our closet for a day shopping or at the BBQs and baby showers! Chic & Curvy has a plethora of options that are a bit more appropriate for day time! Remember Lip Ladies, don’t be afraid of prints and color! I just try to pick a shape that is flattering, and a print that is not too busy or repetitive that it makes your head spin when you look at it. Paisleys, Animals prints, or Tribal prints are great. I try to stay away from zig-zags and any annoying stripe patterns. These are a few I would choose!

Multi-Colored White Animal Print Maxi (1X-3X)
Multi-Colored White Animal Print Maxi (1X-3X)
Leopard Print Maxi with Mesh Details (1X-3X)
Leopard Print Maxi with Mesh Details (1X-3X)
Multi-Colored Maxi Dress in Blue, Black, White (1X-3X)
Multi-Colored Maxi Dress in Blue, Black, White (1X-3X)

So, there you have it Lip Ladies! If you have hips and even a little bit of waist, you should be working those curves! Don’t hide under moo-moos, big sweaters, and baggy jeans! You’re covering up one of your best “ASS-ETS!” Haha! Close your eyes, tell yourself “I am a sexy curvy woman and I’m coming out!” Embrace your femininity and get out of those jeans and trousers! Happy shopping!


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