Lip Lady Recommends All-Natural Skin Care from Blooms-N-Bees


Hey There Lip Ladies and Fashionistas!

Skin care is not just about looking good, smooth, and shiny! Of course it feels good, but we all know that skin care is super important if you are a Lip Lady with Lipedema/Lymphedema, or another condition like Diabetes or Eczema. I encourage you all to try out the all-natural and hand-made soaps, lotions, facial cleansers and lotions, and more from my parent’s Honey & Lavender Farm, Blooms-N-Bees! I’ve tried the products myself and as much as I love my parents, I wouldn’t put my stamp on something unless I believe in it! These products are amazing!! With all natural ingredients like almond oil, shea butter, lavender essential oils, cocoa butter, beeswax, and more, you are sure to experience the most luxurious and gentle pampering you can find.

These are specialty spa and beauty products, at a reasonable price. They even offer specialty seasonal food items like farm-raised honey, and lavender treats. From pure lavender laundry dryer satchets, to the most divine lavender body lotion you will find, and lavender sugar to make a savory infused essence into your next lemon dessert or chicken recipe… you’ll want to make each product last to the very last drop!


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One thought on “Lip Lady Recommends All-Natural Skin Care from Blooms-N-Bees

  1. I can smell them all the way to Australia…. I use a balm on my feet and legs from a lavender farm in Australia and it is wonderful…. Helps keep my feet and toe nails healthy…

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