Lip Lady Fab’s 5 Step Guide to Loving Your Legs After a Lipedema Diagnosis Coming July 17! (Pre-Order the E-book Now!)

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I’m beyond excited to announce that I’ll be releasing my first-ever digital e-book, titled “Lip Lady Fab’s 5 Step Guide to Loving Your Legs After a Lipedema Diagnosis!” The downloadable e-book will be released to the public on July 17, 2017, however you can pre-order the book now at 15% off the retail price, AND download it a day before the general public! I’ll also send you a special thank you gift and special invitation to my book release party in Los Angeles, CA! I’m requesting your support now, and asking you to pre-order your copy today!

I’m so grateful to have reached a point where I can confidently say, “I love my legs,” and I want to share how I managed to get to this self-loving place in my journey to encourage Lippy girls around the world to find their loving space.

Discovering I had lipedema and lymphedema was heartbreaking and depressing at first, especially when I realized the treatments can only do so much, that all these years I’d thought it was my fault, and that the work was just beginning if I want to take back my mobility and my joy. I committed myself to living an active life and overcoming the fear and shame of having big legs. I also committed to sharing my journey through my blog, and now, my first ever e-book! 

In “Lip Lady Fab’s 5 Step Guide to Loving Your Legs After a Lipedema Diagnosis,” you’ll discover:

  • How I went from being nearly bed-ridden and suicidal, to loving my big fat legs and losing 45lbs
  • I’ll share my journey with enrolling my family and my primary doctor into my treatment plan, seeking out therapists and a surgeon
  • How I began eating healthier and got off my depressed butt to create a regular workout routine
  • How I managed to motivate myself to embark on this journey when I felt so alone and depressed

My prayer is that by sharing my very personal journey, I will motivate and inspire thousands of women to love their Lipedema legs. Most importantly, it’s my mission that every Lipedema lady who reads “Lip Lady Fab’s 5 Step Guide to Loving Your Legs After a Lipedema Diagnosis” will find a renewed sense of hope and the realization that beauty is a state of mind. We can choose to love our legs, shower them with our affection, throw out our insecurity, and enjoy those precious moments in life. It’s my vision that this small but incredibly powerful little book will inspire a movement of Lippy ladies around the world who are able to grab hold of their life, their treatment plan, their joy, their inner and outer beauty, and share it with the world!

As a special way to request the support of all my beautiful readers, family, and friends, I created a link ( for you to pre-order your copy today for just $6.75 (15% off the regular retail price), plus get a special thank you gift, and a personal invitation to my July book release party in Los Angeles, CA! (Ps. If you won’t be in California, we can video conference you in so you can say hi to our Lippy sisters!)

Thanks again to all my supporters and readers. You give me the strength to keep going on my journey to loving my legs!

With Love,

Crystal “Lip Lady Fab” Willis


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